• Retrieve deleted files like audios,videos,images and all other type of documents within few minutes
  • Retrieve deleted files from hard drives, flash memory cards, firewire devices, USB drives,externla hard drives and iPods
  • Allows you to save the files instantly to any storage media available

How to retrieve deleted files?

Nowadays man’s best friend is considered to be a computer. This machine is so developed that it performs all the tasks and stores important information in the hard drive within a single click. This hard drive saves the data, so that it can be retrieved when it’s necessary. There are many types of storage devices developed to store the information needed such as the hard disks, usb drive, flash drives, and memory cards. They store various types of files which are present including the size of the file present in the particular drive. There are many scenarios where the data present in the system or other storage devices gets deleted due to various reasons mentioned below. Don’t panic as it is possible to retrieve deleted documents from the system easily by using the data recovery tool.

Scenarios for deletion of data:

Virus Attack: Virus is considered to be the main reason behind the loss of data present in the drive. Virus enters the storage device through when some files are downloaded through internet in to the system or when we use the drive which is infected with virus. These viruses make the files inaccessible and hence all the information present in the particular drive is lost. To retrieve deleted files in this scenario, make use of an efficient recovery tool like Retrieve Deleted.

Accidental Deletion: Files are deleted accidentally when the recycle bin is emptied without examining the contents of the bin. Sometimes the data is deleted directly using the Shift+delete command which by-passes the Recycle Bin and gets deleted immediately.

Power Surge: When there is power cut, the files which were open during the process may get deleted as it corrupts the application resulting in deletion of files. Sometimes, when the files are being transferred from one system to other and the power goes off then you may lose all the information present in the hard drives and from the storage device from where the files are being transferred. To efficiently retrieve deleted files after a sudden power surge, this tool will be very helpful.

Don't Worry!!! You can easily retrieve deleted files in just a few minutes as the data recovery tool scans the entire storage device in no time to retrieve deleted data without missing even a single one. Files recovered are stored on the basis of name, size of file, date of creation and type of file that was present on the hard drive. It can even retrieve deleted pst files of different Outlook versions like Outlook 2000,2003,2005,2007 and 2010. Click on the link to get details about recovery procedure & the Retrieve Deleted software. Certain partitions also retrieve deleted accidentally,in such cases, you can use Retrieve Deleted software to retrieve deleted partition within few mouse clicks. The data recovered can be listed in “Data View” or “File Type View” which helps to find the data without much difficulty. Retrieve Deleted software also provides recovery of deleted photo from android phone just by following simple steps.

Steps to retrieve deleted data:

Step1: Download and install the Retrieve Deleted software in the system. Select “Recover Files” from the main screen to begin the recovery process.

Step2: Select the “Recover Deleted Files” option to retrieve deleted files from the drive after which select the storage to begin the scanning process.

Step3: The entire drive is scanned and the recovered information is listed in "Data View" or "File Type View". Using the Retrieve deleted tool one can preview the restored files prior to restoration to the particular destination drive.